This is 2 ounces of pure joy, not to mention all the amazing benefits you get for your beard from applying something so powerfully nourishing


The delicious vanilla scent is perfectly.  "Best Seller" Our Natural Beard Oil for men is made with natural fixed oils that nourish and help protect skin.


Chief 1 oz

Formulated especially for coarse facial hair, this oil softens and smooths hair, leaving it feeling silky while the skin below gets an extra dose of hydration. This oil uses our "Men's Scent" with a woodsy, citrus profile

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Moisturizer 4 oz

A Moisturizing spray-on Great for all hair types: works well with kinky, curly, or straight. 

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Face and Body Creme -4 oz-                           

A luxurious body cream that quickly moisturizes skin,leaving it soft and smooth. without the use of phenoxyethanol.